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You can return the order by following the simple process: 1.Email/Call us 2. Provide us the details 3. Fill out the form 4. Wait for the response 5. You will be contacted
It usually takes up to 72 hours to pick up the returned product. However, the product can be picked earlier or sooner than the given time accordingly with the circumstances.
Yes, you can as long as the returned product is in its original packaging except for Clothing, as apparels need to be opened to check the right size.
If your return does not meet the Quality Check criteria, the customer success team of Shop N Go will call you to explain the issue and will send the product(s) back to your address.
If the warranty is mentioned in the product’s description, it means it will be shipped with warranty and if the warranty isn't mentioned in the product description, it isn't covered by any warranty.
To claim warranty directly from the brand, please contact the authorized service center using the details stated on the warranty card provided with the item.
A Refund Voucher is a return mechanism of equal worth to the value paid for the product that you have returned. You can use a Refund Voucher at checkout to discount the amount of the voucher from your next purchase. This Refund Voucher can be used on multiple purchases too (if the purchase value is less than the amount of the refund voucher) until your refund voucher balance amount is Rs. 0.
If you have been issued a Refund Voucher, you will receive a discount voucher code via email. Please enter the received code in the discount code box and click "Apply Code" during checkout while paying. A deduction will be applied to your total amount accordingly.
For items purchased on sale, if a refund is allowed on the sale item, the amount refunded will be the exact amount paid for the item, and not its original value. For example: If you purchased a product on sale for Rs. 500 and its original value was Rs. 1000, we will refund you Rs. 500 only. If you purchased an item with a Refund voucher, we will refund you the sum of the amount you paid (including the amount of the refund voucher used).